Speech & Language Strategies to use at home to encourage communication

​                         Add 1 Word                      Model                  Imitation                   Visuals                 Sign Language

                      Use 1 more word           Tell them what          Teach them to          Show objects or       Teach early sign

                      than your child is       you want them to          copy you               pictures when           language

                             using                          say                                                     talking

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Message From the Director

One of the most anticipated and
cherished events as a parent is a
child's first word.  Sometimes those
​ words need encouragement to
​become​ effective communication. 
The Speech Center has been doing that for 50 years!  We all share in the joy and pride of each success, preparing children to be the best communicators possible.  Each member of our staff and Board of Directors considers every student capable and worthy of reaching their potential.  

Diane Brower

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